Free Movie Apps to watch comedy movie

Movies of all genres including the early blockbuster to the recent buzz of modern hits are all available on some of the online movie apps for all movie lovers. Some of the apps are chargeable while some are absolutely free and has a bank of attractive features that can keep you entertained and refreshed. A lot of comedy movies are also available on these movie apps and you enjoy shrieks of laughter by streaming your favorites. You can enjoy thousands of comedy movies by using these free online movie apps and also have the pleasure of watching them high definition quality in your Android and iOS devices. Check out the all new and buzzing online movie apps that let you watch and download refreshing comedy movies online.


ShowBox is one of most celebrated and talked about movie app that allows online streaming of movies of all categories for absolutely free. Your favorite comedy gala flicks can now be watched on ShowBox and can be saved for later too. You can download your favorite and save it for watching it later in offline mode. The movie app is also available in PC. The ShowBox download link is available here and can be simply installed on your Android smart phones for free.



Popcornflix is a fantastic online movie app that is completely free. The main browsing page of the app has many features to enable one to watch movies and television shows of all generations. Some of the latest movies are featured on its browsing page while other comedy, horror, tragic, romantic, drama movies can be looked for. You can also sort the movies of your choice and store them in you created list so that you can watch it later without even login.


Crackle is yet another popular and free movie app that is supported by not just Android smart phones, iOS devices but also by smart televisions, gaming consoles, streaming players and many more. The app comes with an option to stream videos and hence no need to login separately for that.

Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box is an online free app for all Apple users only. The app allows you to watch your favorite comedy flicks in the elite high definition quality. It rests on a user-friendly and simple interface and makes the apps handle and comfortable to use.


MovieBox is one of the most prominent apps parallel to ShowBox that offers amazing features to watch and enjoy movies of all types including the hilarious comedy flicks to creepy horror hunts. The app allows you to watch your preferred movies in HD style in all formats like mp4, wmv, flv etc. and enjoy the elite version of it. You can stream through the movies and also download and save them for later. This movie streaming app is available on MovieBox app download page. The app is compatible for all Android and iOS users and works on PC too. It is one of the ultimate movie apps with its additional fantastic features for movies.